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by Anicia Kuchesky


Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will be able to identify the components of a scholarly journal article in order to become familiar with common structures of research articles.

2. Students will be able to locate the key pieces of information (hypothesis or research question, methodology, participants or data sources, findings, and limitations) in a scholarly journal article in order to read for understanding.

3. Students will be able to present the key pieces of information from a scholarly article in a visual format using infographic or other online creation tools.

  1. Indentify:
    • Indentify:

    • Research question or hypothesis

    • Participants/Population studied

    • Research Methods

    • Key Findings

    • Results

    • Study Limitations

  2. Questions to Consider:
    • Questions to Consider:

    • Are the results of the study valid? Were the research methods employed rigorous enough to render findings as close to the truth as possible?

    • What are the results and are they important? Is there likelihood of obtaining similar results in your clinical practice setting?

    • Will the results help me care for my patients? Do the benefits of this study outweigh risks? Is it feasible? Cost-effective? Acknowledges patient values and preferences.


Ralston, Sarah. "Scholarly Articles: Reading for Understanding." CORA (Community of Online Research Assignments), 2017.

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